Club and team training for goalkeepers

Maximize your goalkeeper training in small groups designed for travel teams, clubs and premier teams!  Kronis will train teams in a group setting maximizing cost and time. Goalkeepers will be divided up into smaller groups based age/ability. With these small groups, you get the benefit of numerous types of situational training sessions as well as focusing on the technical aspects at various stations.

Our club goalkeeper training sessions focus on developing the goalkeeper in 4 aspects of the game while allowing athletes to build relationships with other team or club members


Finding Solutions Of How To React And What To Do After A Mistake Or During A Highly Pressured Moment Is Completely Different For Every Human Being And Many Do Not Take That Under Consideration During Ones' Development.


Understanding The Basic Components Of What Every Coach Expects, As Well As Understanding The Specific Style Of Play That Your Coach Is Asking For.


After Learning The Fundamentals, Every Player Has His Or Her Own Unique Technical Ways And We As Coaches Need To Adapt And Create The Best Form Of Him Or Her Self.


Developing The Connection Between A Player's Physical Abilities And Technical Requirements Of A Goalkeeper To Create The Best Form Of Him Or Her Self.

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The Kronis Academy in Ohio works with goalkeepers and teams from the following clubs.