Goalkeeper Training is Essential

KRONIS goalkeeper training focuses on repetitions and developing specific areas of a player’s game. The sessions are carefully planned and structured to maximize repetition and enhance skill development. This is personal soccer goalkeeper training at it’s best!

Based on our experience during club, high school, collegiate, and professional levels, KRONIS Academy understands the position of goalkeeper is one of the most important positions on the field. Unfortunately, for many different reasons, the goalkeeper historically gets the least amount of training or attention. For a team to be truly successful, the keeper needs to be someone who the team can rely on.

KRONIS maximizes your Goalkeeper Training in small groups!  We put together groups of 3-4 goalkeepers to train together allowing them to motivate and push each other.  Goalkeepers will be paired at the same age and/or ability level. With a small group, you get the benefit of numerous types of situational training sessions as well as focusing on the technical aspects too.  

Sessions are 1.0 hours in length and are organized in a minimum of 4 week blocks with 1 session per week. These sessions are designed for athletes 10 and over and dedicated to the goalkeeper position. 

Our private goalkeeper training sessions focus on developing the goalkeeper in 4 aspects of the game.


Finding Solutions Of How To React And What To Do After A Mistake Or During A Highly Pressured Moment Is Completely Different For Every Human Being And Many Do Not Take That Under Consideration During Ones' Development.


Understanding The Basic Components Of What Every Coach Expects, As Well As Understanding The Specific Style Of Play That Your Coach Is Asking For.


After Learning The Fundamentals, Every Player Has His Or Her Own Unique Technical Ways And We As Coaches Need To Adapt And Create The Best Form Of Him Or Her Self.


Developing The Connection Between A Player's Physical Abilities And Technical Requirements Of A Goalkeeper To Create The Best Form Of Him Or Her Self.

Small Group Goalkeeping Training Packages

3 Session Package

Small group sessions that focus on all aspects of the goalkeeper.

Book (3) 1-hour goalkeeper training sessions at the KRONIS Academy


5 Session Package

Small group goalkeeper training sessions that focus on all aspects of the position.

Book (5) 1-hour sessions at the KRONIS Academy


Resident Training Membership

Membership Benefits Include:

Unlimited number of monthly training sessions
Free KRONIS Academy Uniform ($155 value)
Free pair of KRONIS Goalkeeper Gloves ($85 value)
$455 / Month


KRONIS Academy is the ultimate destination for goalkeeper training and development. Regardless of your current level of competition, our mission is to provide unrivaled world-class support and unwavering dedication to help athletes achieve their dreams. As the leading goalkeeper training center in the Midwest, we focus exclusively on training goalkeepers to perform at a top-level.

The high repetition of these drills helps players develop muscle memory, allowing them to execute these techniques with precision and confidence during game situations. As players master various techniques through our focused training, their confidence grows significantly. This newfound confidence translates into their on-field performance, enabling them to face challenging situations with composure and assurance.

Our training regimen challenges players both physically and mentally. By pushing them beyond their comfort zones, we instill mental toughness, resilience, and determination. This mental strength proves invaluable during high-pressure matches. Our drills are carefully crafted to simulate game scenarios, forcing players to make quick and accurate decisions.

Kronis Academy offers goalkeeper training for individual athletes, high school goalkeepers, teams and clubs. All goalkeeper training sessions take place at our indoor goalkeeper training facility.

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